Franco-German to-dos: What is the agenda for the post-election period?

What pressing issues do France and Germany need to jointly address in the coming year? Politics are in motion on both sides of the Rhine: While Germany is just about to form a new government, France looks towards presidential and national assembly elections in the first half of 2022. As political constellations change, new possibilities arise. Together with Hélène Kohl (French Journalist), Sophie Pornschlegel (Senior Policy Analyst, EPC) and Cerstin Gammelin (German Journalist, tbc),  we want to discuss the upcoming Franco-German to do’s. There is much to build on and even more to take care of, bilaterally and on the European level. Moderated by Heidi Marleen Bräuer the project lead of our Franco German Dialogue series.

We are pleased to invite you to our online event on December 14th, 17.00, which is part of our yearly Pariser Platz Dialogue. We kindly ask for prior registration. Learn more on the Franco-German Dialogue event series here.

The panel discussion is part of the Franco-German Dialogue Series funded by the Federal Foreign Office. This event will be translated into German, French, and English.

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